Romans 11

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  • Day 13 – Zechariah 6
    Zechariah 6 Darius 2nd Year This passage reminds me of the ghostly message Ray Kinsella heard at the beginning of, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come.” Commentaries can overthink things sometimes, and this chapter is no small exception. In full context, Zechariah is still firmly discussing rebuilding the temple. That’s the […]
  • Day 12 – Zechariah 5
    Zechariah 5 Darius 2nd Year Today’s scripture has baffled many upon first reading—particularly if they start here and just read this chapter. But for us, this is a piece of cake because we understand the full context and the previous 10 chapters of chronology. How are we doing? If you’re excited about this project, please […]
  • Day 11 – Zechariah 4
    Zechariah 4 Darius 2nd Year We shift from our last focus on the pastorate (Joshua son of Jehozadak) to the executive leadership (Zerubbabel). The imagery can remind us of that used by John in the book of Revelations. The lampstand and 7 lamps are likely the visible temple, being fed oil automatically from two olive […]
  • Day 10 – Zechariah 3
    Zechariah 3 Darius 2nd Year There’s a metaphor I like called the “magical pair of glasses” that allow people to see what is really going on all around them in spiritual warfare—like angels and demons. When you don’t have them on, you only see what the humans around you are doing. But in passages like […]
  • Day 9 – Zechariah 2
    Zechariah 2 Darius 2nd Year G-d has a way of cramming chapters of meaning into a single verse like verse 2. If the project was to rebuild the temple, and the goal was to minister to the entire country of Israel, why would the angel be measuring Jerusalem? It may initially seem odd because its […]